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If you have more than one child and were given separate Activation Codes, please contact the MyChart team at 877-339-9895 and we'll help you set up your account.

For codes on your billing statement, please make sure you are looking at the most recent statement.

Please contact the MyChart Team at if you were given more than one code or if have an expired/invalid code.

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    Please do not enter your Child's Date of Birth here. Please enter your date of birth as you are the account holder/person requesting access to MyChart.

    Please be careful to enter the correct date of birth as described below:
  • For codes on your billing statement, enter the date of birth of the person listed on the statement as financially responsible for the bill (guarantor).
  • For Adults accessing their own record (and/or their child's), enter your date of birth (not your child's)
  • For Teen patients accessing their own account, enter your date of birth.


Please enter the medical record number (MRN) for the patient at Stanford Children's Health (If you are also a patient at Stanford Children's Health, enter your MRN, not your child's).

The MRN is 8 numbers. Do not include letters, hyphens or spaces. If your MRN is less than 8 numbers, add zeroes to the beginning of your number. Example: 1234567 must be entered as 01234567.

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