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How to Create an Account

To activate your account, you will need an Activation Code. How do you get one?

  • If you have received a billing statement, you can locate the code on the statement. This code will grant access to a patient's billing information and online bill pay. It will not grant access to the patient's medical record. For access to a patient's medical record, please see the steps that follow.
  • The clinic where you or your child is seen can give you a code specific to the patient's Medical record. We are careful about verifying the identity of those accessing medical records.
  • Your doctor's office can provide you with an activation code and help you sign up in person.
  • If you or your child is already a registered patient at Stanford Children's Health, you may download the Consent form and send to our Medical Records Department:

  • Return to Medical Records via any of the below methods:

    • In person at your doctor's office or the hospital
    • Stanford Children's Health Information Management Services
    • Sign, scan and email to
    • Fax to 650-325-1788
    • Mail to
      • Stanford Children's Health Information Management Services
      • 4700 Bohannon Drive, Second Floor
      • Menlo Park, CA 94025
      • MC 5900
  • Please complete all fields and sign the form. We're sorry, but this process is not available if you or your child is not already a registered patient with us. Registrants must be parents or have legal access to the child's record. New patients may sign up at the first visit.